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Triton 9100 Series Overview

9100 Standard

In the mid '90's, Triton took the ATM industry by storm with the release of it's 9500 model ATM. It was the first low-end, off premise ATM the marketplace had seen and it quickly became an icon.

History Repeats Itself With Triton's new 9100 series ATM.
Designed from the ground up to be dollar-for-dollar, the lowest cost ATM in the industry, it features Triton's unparalleled reliability.

Features Triton's Own TDM-100 Dispensing Mechanism
Incorporating state-of-the-art electronics and a host of features like locking cassette and automatic error recovery designed to maximize uptime.

Or Choose the De La Rue MINIMECH Dispenser
With the exceptional reliability and low cost of ownership that De La Rue has become synonymous with. In addition, the MINIMECH design allows the cash cassette to be replenished without a special loading tray or keys, enabling retailers to easily refill the ATM on their own.

Triton's 9100 Is One Of The Best Low Cost ATMs In The Industry.
And even though the 9100 features the lowest cost of ownership in the industry, it still incorporates many of the industry's tightest security features, such as SPED (Secure PIN Entry Device) and Triple DES, the new standard for PIN encryption.

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